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Lighting Sensitive Living



        In "codex urbinas", Leonardo da Vinci said that shadows are mirrors of objects; without shadows, it is difficult for people to correctly understand hard, opaque objects. From Galileo's "sidereus nuncius" knows that shadows have the ability to stretch or shrink themselves, or shrink to almost disappear, revealing the mysterious veil of the lunar surface and giving me a shadow, I will create shapes for you.
       The light certainly has volume if it can cast shadow, and the light must have thickness if it has volume. Shadows arise from light, which can create volume that defines the space.
       The light will be the protagonist under the volume if it can be perceived.
       The exhibition hall design of CETTiGA Lighting, for us, is a field that makes the light as the protagonist. We have ever thought to reflect its existence with much purer expression techniques, but found that the shadow is equally important for light. Therefore, we are going to give an interpretation that pays tribute to the shadow, as well as tell a story that makes the light become attitudinal.

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